glow up checklist for back to school

We’ve all seen these “Extreme” and “Forced” glow up transformations all over the internet and I think deep down we all want to try it. You know, see if it actually significantly changes anything about the outside or minimally changes how you feel on the inside.

Well, I put a fun Pinterest glow up checklist to the test right before my first day back at school. I figured, what great way to start the year off with a little glow up transformation.


Personally, before this, I had never done a “glow up” but let me just say I wish I had earlier. I mean it’s such a rush to see yourself all done up prim and proper just the way you like.

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Here is the Ultimate Glow Up Checklist:

  • Wash Face
  • Put On A Face Mask
  • Do Makeup
  • Dress Cute
  • Do Nails
  • Whiten Teeth
  • Thread Eyebrows
  • Shave/Wax Everything
  • Drink Water
  • Moisturize Body
  • Get Eyelash Extensions
  • Workout
  • Get Some Good Sleep
  • Meditate
the ultimate glow up checklist for back to school
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