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Gossip Girl has been over for years and somehow people still talk about it. I would know; I still do. Blair Waldorf is one of the most iconic characters on TV from her personality to her fashion. She literally was everything. She was the reason I started dressing the way I do.

The show might have ended years ago but people still talk about how stylish she was and how she inspires them now. This is the complete breakdown on how to dress like blair waldorf. And just as a little bonus, if there were to be a modern-day Blair, this is exactly what she would wear

Blair is the queen of feminine 1940s and 50’s style. I mean her style icon is Audrey Hepburn so it makes a lot of sense that her wardrobe reflects that time period. If you want to dress like Blair you need to keep that era in mind.


The Clothing


blair waldorf fashion gossip girl houndstooth blouse

Femininity is the key to Blair Waldorf’s style. This is reflected through a lot of the tops she chooses to wear. Light flowly fabrics with ruffles and bows really define her choice of tops.

If you want to start dressing like Blair, the more blouses, the better. She would never be caught dead wearing a T-Shirt. So, happily, say goodbye to all those awkwardly shaped Hanes Graphic Tees from camp, school, and every free event ever. Try to add some florals, houndstooth, and polka dot patterns to your closet. The good thing about blouses is even if they are long sleeve, they are light fabric so they work well for all year round!


Her Blouse Style


She obviously doesn’t wear pants. And as impractical as it sounds, it’s possible to wear skirts every day. This is the major style aspect that makes Blair so iconic.

So if you want to dress like Blair, say goodbye to pants. Like in the entire series of Gossip Girl, she wore pants maybe 3 times. So seriously, pants should not be apart of your closet. There are a bunch of skirt styles you can try out to see which one works best for you and your body type. A-line, skater, pencil, and bodycon are all really great Blair-approved options.

Her Skirt Style


The only other option when not wearing a skirt is to wear a cute dress. But Blair doesn’t do casual, so all her dresses have an elevated feel.

Dresses have to be a huge part of your closet if you want to dress like Blair Waldorf. She typically wears unique statement dresses with a 40s and 50s vibe. Basically, any dress that she wears looks stunning, classy, and elegant. That is the vibe you should be trying for. And don’t be afraid to wear something you think might be a bit too professional looking on a normal day out. If you have people asking you, “Where are you going?” then you know you did well.

Her Dress Style


blair waldorf fashion and style red coat bella king advice

Winter in NYC is brutal. But just because its cold doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Blair obviously knows how to stay stylish in the freezing temperatures of NYC.

Peacoats and capes are the way to go to get that Blair Waldorf look. She is a very sophisticated and elegant dresser so you aren’t going to catch her in an oversized puffer jacket.

Her Coat Style

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The Extras


Flats are just not the move. They were for her when she was in high school, but when she wasn’t, it was heels on the daily. And yes, it is possibe to wear heels everyday. You just have to be smart about it. They don’t have to be stilletos girl.

Dressing like Blair means getting rid of all your sneakers and canvas shoes. I mean, I guess you can keep one pair for the gym, but don’t ever wear those shoes just out on a normal day.

Her Shoe Style


blair waldorf winter fashion. Cute checkered coat and stylish look

Handbags are usually the option over crossbodies. That’s because crossbodies are a bit too casual for Blair Waldorf. Arm bags are the way to go if you want that Blair Waldorf style vibe. But, if you don’t want to carrry something so big, then the next option is to get a mini purse.

Blair Loves a unique bag with a bit of flair, so when you go out shopping, keep an open mind to interesting looking bags. A bag is a great way to complete any outfit so never leave the house without it!

Her Purse Style

Socks and Stockings

If you are wearing skirts in the cold NYC winter, you are going to need a way to keep your legs from freezing off. Blair has mastered this. And as many of you know, Blair wanted to be a princess and the real royal family requires all women to wear stockings. Obviously, Blair did her research and thought this was a perfect addition to her looks. Not to mention functional.

So one of the smaller details to consider, if you want to dress like Blair, is to wear stockings whenever you wear a skirt or dress, especially in the winter.


 fashion and accessories gossip girl

The headband is obviously what makes Blair Blair. Her headband is like her crown. Even though headbands are pretty 2010

You need to find a staple accessory that you really like and wear it with everything. Make it known that you are the girl that always wears playful earrings or a statement necklace. That accessory should be something people notice about you or often describe you with. Make that accessory a part of your brand.


Color Coordinate

fashion from gossip girl school uniform bella king how to advice

Blair is a big fan of making things match. Even if it’s the little details or the whole look is the same color, make sure to match in some way! The easiest ways to match when you are just starting out is with your shoes. Most people own black, white, or nude shoes and that is a great color to match with your top.

Classy Never Casual

To dress like Blair, you can’t ever dress casually. Sorry, but it’s like that. Blair’s mantra is “Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face you show to the world.” I mean come on. With someone who thinks like this, there is no way they would ever dress anything but their best.

Have the Attitude

I know this technically doesn’t have anything to do with clothes, but let’s face it. To dress and feel like Blair, you have to have the confidence and sass she has. Now, I’m not saying be rude to people, but I am saying, your clothing needs to match your vibe. Get get ready to become a clapback queen.

how to dress like blair waldorf bella king fashion advice

Do you have tips for any Gossip Girl lover on how to dress like Blair Waldorf?

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