Have you ever looked at someone who’s style you really admire and thought, “wow they always look so put together, not a hair out-of-place.” and then you try to replicate it and something is just off. I know that feeling. Until I figured out that the devil was in the details I was right where you are.

You already know how to dress well, but something just seems off. There are probably some simple style mistakes you didn’t even know you were making.


I’m that girl who is constantly in the nail salon getting her SNS powder refilled. I absolutely hate bare nails with a fiery passion. But not having your nails done is one mistake you could be making. Think back to any fashion blogger, celebrity, or even TV show personality who’s style you admire. Can you think of a moment where their nails aren’t done?

Even if they don’t go full acrylic and tips, do they ever have chipped polish, hangnails, or gross cuticles? No, and neither should you.


Now, I’m not saying you need to live in the nail salon because that isn’t realistic for anyone who doesn’t have a glam squad, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put an effort into keeping your nails looking good. Personally, I don’t think bare nails should ever be worn because you are more likely to make them unkempt (not shaped, uneven lengths, and grown out cuticles). At the very least I suggest a nude creme polish, just to keep everything smooth and cohesive. Just do something with them!

Slightly Ill-Fitting Clothes

Now I’m not talking this is obviously one or two sizes too big. I talking it’s just a bit off. It’s ever so slightly off. But it’s just noticeable enough. This occurs most often in two instances

  • Something is just a tad too long
  • The shoulder seam is slightly lower or higher than where it should be


Let’s talk too long. I don’t mean it’s too long because I hate longline tees (which I don’t I actually think they are super cool), I talking this is a normal blouse and it’s just falling in an awkward area. Like it’s not fully covering your butt to make it longline, but it isn’t half an inch below your pants line. It’s in that weird middle area where if you are wearing pants, just throws off the proportion of the entire look.

Thankfully there are a few options you have to fix this. The most obvious is taking it to a tailor to get it fixed. This is the best way to get a garment that you love fixed and wearable in any way. But, since any normal person can’t do that with everything they own, on to option number two. You can find a different way to style the piece. Instead of letting it hang loose on you over some jeans try tucking in the front of the shirt to give it a little more personality. You could also style it tucked under a skirt which would completely hide any length issue. Choosing to style it a different way would also push you to experiment with your style which is always a good thing.

Pants can also be too long as well. Yes, there is such a thing as having a nice stack to your jeans, but there is also such a thing as too much. Again, taking your pants to the tailor will fix this problem in a snap, but again that’s not always a realistic option. A potential quick fix would be to cuff your pants. It solves your problem and adds a bit of flair to your look. (Or you can just do what I do and not wear pants

Shoulder Seams

Let’s talk weird seams. I have fallen victim to the off shoulder seam many times. It’s something that you can easily ignore in the dressing room, but once you get home you find yourself never picking that piece.

The seam for your shoulder should never fall on the actual curve of your shoulder. It’s too big. No ifs and or buts. It will not look good. Your seam should also never fall on or above your bra strap (or mid shoulder for the guys out there). It’s amazing how you got the shirt on in the first place considering how small the armhole would be in relation to your body. The seam should fall just before the actual curve of your shoulder. That’s how you know it’s a perfect fit.

There really isn’t any fix to this. You just can’t buy it. Take your time in the dressing room and really evaluate that top. You don’t want to waste your money. A style that you could look into that doesn’t have this problem is the drop shoulder. The seam falls about halfway down your bicep so if it’s a bit too big or a bit too small, it’s much less noticeable.


I will admit I am guilty of this. Sometimes you just want to wear a shirt and it’s wrinkled and there is just no time to fix it. But wrinkles literally can ruin an outfit, no matter how put together it is. Wrinkles make you look like a mess and there really is no other way to say it. All the hard work and planning you put into that look essentially goes down the drain.

Wrinkles can and will appear on any type of clothing. Sweaters dress pants, dresses, blouses etc. It might be your favorite shirt but people will concentrate more on the wrinkles than the piece itself.

Obviously, wrinkles are one of the easier mistakes to fix. An okay iron on the right setting will do the trick. Just press down firmly and take your time so everything is smoothed evenly. What’s worse than natural wrinkles? Ironed in creases that are in the wrong spot. If you’re feeling fancy you could also get a steamer. That would prevent any potential creases. That just seems like a bit more work though and it takes more time. But if you’re clumsy and worried about burning your clothes a steamer might be a good option. If you are an on the go type of girl, wrinkle release will become your best friend. Toss a bottle in your bag and use as needed. But remember to read the labels! Don’t just spray all your clothes. Make sure that you are only spraying it on fabrics deemed suitable by the brand.

small style mistakes you're probably making

It takes time and effort to put together your looks together so don’t go ruining them by making these simple style mistakes.

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